Your energy goes from a 5... to 11 in minutes.

You will think of nothing but finding something heavy or a difficult movement - and conquering it. Pushing yourself to new limits. You will not be content with what you did last time. You will be driven to beat your personal record. Possibly even to beat your gym partner. 

Your muscles will swell almost instantly on the warm up sets. You will feel superhuman and wonder if an extra scoop may make you fly or lift a car. (It wont. But it feels really good to think about doing it.)

The mirror will become your best friend and, for good or bad, you won’t get enough of looking at yourself. You’ll also be imagining that everyone else is noticing, too. (Which is definitely possible) 

So what is the best pre-workout of 2022?

Well, if you identify with the above… then let me introduce you to your perfect match

Maximum intensity, maximum gains

top-of-the line stim formula is necessary to help you push yourself through intense training sessions, but you also want to love what your doing and have 100% focus on your movements and intensity. 

The fully transparent label shows it's packed with 2 high-quality, potent, and thermogenic stimulants along with caffeine and delayed-caffeine that really do help you avoid the crash feeling entirely.  Edge of Insanity features 1,000mg GABA that balance the stims and provide that feel-good feeling that will keep you in the mood to crush your entire program (and then run home afterward).

Edge of Insanity has taken years to perfect the feeling of the classic pre-workouts of the golden years before regulators went crazy and banned our favorites all because a few people used them irresponsibly. (By the way, use Edge of Insanity responsibly. More on that below)

The best pre-workout makes you never want to STOP training

Regular supplementation of Beta-Alanine has been shown in studies to help you maintain strength and power throughout longer workouts.  Edge of Insanity, (the best pre workout in the world in our opinion) features a clinically effective dose of3.2 grams that is hard to find anywhere else. Some competitors include it but hide the dosage behind a proprietary blend so you have no idea how much is in there. 

This is also commonly done with the daddy of pump ingredients: L-citrulline malate. Enjoy the best pre workout dosage (you will ever see anywhere) of this important amino acid: 8 whopping grams. Again, not hidden behind a prop blend like most of our competitors. Why? The science is all public so all supplement companies know how much they are supposed to be using to create a superior product. 

So there’s really no other reason these companies have than keeping consumers in the dark about their weak dosages so they can have fatter profit margins at your expense.

WARNING: It may be TOO strong (if you're not careful)

If you’re constantly being disappointed by pre workouts that promise energy and intensity but even after 2-3 scoops you barely feel it or you're just getting jitters from the caffeine overload, then you need to try Edge of Insanity

A full scoop may be too strong even for experienced pre users, but many of our customers happily use a half scoop each workout and report better results than they got prior to finding Edge of insanity. (Think of all the money they save!) 

But NO ONE should EVER exceed 1 full scoop of Edge of Insanity

Even a half scoop of this will outperforms most other expensive and heavily marketed “strong” pre workouts. That's how underpowered those formulas are.