Clean Pre Workout Energy, Focus & Pump To Get You Jacked & Juicy

"This product reminded me of the beginning days of taking pre workout and gave me that long lasting pump I needed again without the crash."

Edge of Insanity -


Force-focus, feel-good, stimulated, shirt exploding muscle pump that is more intense than any pre-workout powder you've ever tried!

Unique ingredient list, not just relying on Caffeine to get you the energy high you need to smash PRs every time.

Revs up your reps like nothing else you've ever tried. Guaranteed or your money-back, unconditionally.

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Is "Edge" For You?

*"Edge" is NOT for those gym-goers who can easily get through their workout with a coffee and a banana!

Edge is the 4-8% of GYM RATS that push their bodies to the LIMIT. They're going for super human strength gains and amazing physique. They need to become an absolute beast in the GYM and return to normal afterwards. They've taken every pre workout on the market and haven't found what they're looking for...

And Now That Ends.

  • What's In It?
  • Read The Directions!

• 350mg Caffeine per scoop

• Ignited by a powerful blend of Theophylline, Theobromine, with 5mg Yohimbe HCL 98%, and 4mg Rauwoulscine (Alpha Y)

• Zembrin® provides euphoria, endurance and an all-around sense of “feel-good” during and after exercise. Works by interacting with the brain's dopamine and serotonin receptors, promotes healthy well-being, and is used as a mood enhancer.

Start with 1/2 scoop!

Consume 15 minutes before exercise.

Do not consume within 4 hours prior to bedtime. For a night-time preworkout see Edge Pump

t*Unlike many pres, Edge is well-concentrated. You should never need to take more than 1 full scoop.

To avoid over stimming and for more potent pump and nitric oxide boost, mix 0.5-1 scoop of Edge of insanity with Edge Pump No Stim Pre Workout

Full Nutrition & Ingredients

PSYCHO Endurance, Vascularity & Pumps Blend

For nitric oxide fueled muscle pumps with added strength, power, and endurance. The powerful combination of 3.2g Beta-Alanine, 8G citrulline malate that gives Edge of Insanity a premium pumps blend that is unparalleled to other products.

Razor’s Edge Focus 

350mg caffeine, ignited with a powerful blend of Theobromine, 5mg Yohimbe HCL%98, and 4mg Rauwoulscine (Alpha Y)

Feel-good energy

25mg Zembrin extract provides euphoria, endurance and an all-around sense of “well-being” during and after any type of workout.

Zembrin® is the world’s most well researched and clinically studied extract of Sceletium Tortuosum. It`s mood-enhancing, anxiety-reducing and improved cognitive function abilities make it the best form of Sceletium Tortuosum on the market. With self-affirmed, Generally-Recognized-As-Safe (GRAS) status in the USA, Zembrin® is an evidence-based botanical supplement that has been thoroughly studied for safety and efficacy in comprehensive preclinical and clinical studies. This potent combination gives users the highest levels of euphoria, well-being and razor-sharp focus; much like past best-selling products that are no longer available.

Edge of Insanity brings the feel-good back into your workouts!

Psycho Pharma MISSION

In 2016, we started Psycho Pharma as a brand to serve and appeal to the young and aggressive, hard-working, gym rats, and people that are real stim junkies like we are. Ultimately a supplement brand for those that just want to-get the best bang for their buck. Psycho Pharma is a fast-growing company that innovates aggressive formulas to be better than most of the run of the mill products many other brands produce. If you compare our Edge of Insanity, Edge Pump or other formulas…there’s a psycho amount of experimentation and desire to make better products than what’s available out there.

We don’t want to be told what we can or cannot do in life OR in the gym. We don’t stand for those who limit the availability of supplements we want to take…I think I may be preaching to the choir, so: come across to our side…to the anarchy of the Psycho Pharma Army. Our team welcomes ALL of you to join us!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All Psycho Pharma products feature a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. If you don't LOVE IT, send an email to or open a chat here on the site and we'll make things right.




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