Darren Housholder Talks About Psycho Pharma

Psycho Pharma Pre-workout Supplements

Hi my name is Darren Housholder I’m the founding owner of the supplement brand Psycho Pharma, and it`s parent company Brand New Energy which I founded in March 1998 as a resale distributor of Stacker 2 the great ephedra-based product line from NVE pharmaceuticals.

Along the journey as a distributor and also as a consumer of various energy products I found that creating unique products that were exclusive to my BNE distribution was the only way to stay in business. I realized that without a big marketing budget..these products would have to work “famously” if I was to get any reorders and stay in business. So In 2005 I created Yellow Bullet then added several other EPH products that would become HardRock supp Co., a brand name not so surprising when you look at my 10 years prior to the supplement business, a career as a shredding hard rock guitarist with a B.A. in music and a love for ephedra based supplements like Ripped Fuel that I would use to help me gain a higher level of focus and physical stamina to shred my guitar while also working to maintain a shredded physique. Today there are 2 separate lines of HardRock Sup co. products sold everywhere.

By 2010 I created the EPG brand to be the Cadillac compared to more straight ahead HR line , I sought out fancy packaging and designs and also worked with the best supplement formulators around . These 2 Brands produced dozens of products through various eras of supplement trends. Currently the lineup of 25-30 Hardrock Sup co and EPG products are sold throughout the USA and Europe.
In 2016 psycho pharma was created as a brand of products that called out the young hard-working gym rat stim junkies that need the best bang or best value for their money.

Psycho Pharma Pre-workout Supplements

The original packaging of Psycho Pharma featured a mad scientist in a Lab whose experimental formulations caused his psycho physique and muscle exploding pumps that forced the restraints of a strait jacket which shows that he’s exploded out of and onto the Psycho Pharma Brand Label. This story sounds familiar like HULK or a comic book, but it’s actually an imaginative and exaggerated version of my experiences as the founding owner and resident guinea pig As I would lineup 6 to 10 white label bottles each with a singular ingredient and then take specific MG dosages in combinations to experience the combination different stimulants Nootropics phenyl-ethyl and alamines with the goal to create the feeling of these extinct products that contained ephedrine group alkaloids or DMAA or Amp Citrate.

I’ve been in business long enough to have left overs for my personal reference tucked away for my personal research. I know 1st hand the height that these historic supplements have and how it can make the consumer feel and the desired effects and results!

Psycho Pharma is a sports nutrition brand for any athlete who is dedicated and obsessed with pushing past their physical and mental limits. We Declare anarchy on those who place limitations on our goals in the gym, our ambitions in life, or the supplements we choose to take.

We don’t settle for ordinary!! Good enough is NOT enough!!
We Declare Psycho Pharma Pre-workout Supplements Anarchy on those who place limitations our ambitions in life, our goals in the gym or the supplements we choose to take!


With years of experience in the supplement industry, our team is dedicated to breaking the mold with explosive products for our supporters.
Psycho Pharma Pre-workout Supplements

High-Quality Ingredients

All Psycho Pharma Products use only the highest quality ingredients from one of the largest most reputable contract manufacturers in the USA.

Psycho Pharma Pre-workout Supplements

Meets FDA Standards

All Psycho Pharma products are manufactured in FDA registered facilities to be assured of the highest manufacturing standards the supplement industry requires.

Psycho Pharma Pre-workout Supplements

Intense Results

Psycho is a fearless spirit and an open mind and passion for the adventure to aspire to be great everyday and not afraid of a temporary set back (we don’t use the F word). Enjoy the process and you’ll love the results!