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Great stuff

After I got the starter Pack I was hooked, I had to get more. This pack came in clutch because it's basically a starter pack with full sized products, it's great!

A must have for stim junkies

I'm a stim junkie and a huge fan of Psycho Pharma so this pack was a no brainer for me. Edge and Far beyond driven are Psycho Pharma's strongest: and therefor my favorite products. Couple that with a free shaker and the choice is obvious.

by Flo Canrz on Psycho Pharma

Wow what can I say?! Hard hitting almost as good as the stuff we used to use in the 90's before ephedrine was outlawed,,,, Great work Psycho Pharm. Long lasting energy for most of the day. The best stuff out there will definitely purchase again.

by Jason on Infinite Brain

I love this stuff!! I take it with my pre workout, my focus and muscle isolation have improved dramatically! Psycho Pharma received and shipped my order very fast. I highly recommend both Psycho Pharma and Intimate Brain

by Shonenpumped on Psycho Pharma
Amazing stack

Absolutely love the taste of the BCAA and edge pump, both amazing

The edge of insanity had crazy energy and focus, I would definitely recommend you try this stack for really intense training

A Steal!

Edge and Edge pump are my go to essentials for the gym so when Psycho Pharma dropped this pack I knew I had to get it. I'm getting what I would normally get at a better price + 2 free shakers and shirts. That's an unbeatable deal.

by Levin on Edge of Insanity
Whatever it takes

This is the best pre-workout I've ever tried. Helped me up my front squat routine from 5x10 to 15x10. There's no real crash afterwards either.

by Mick O on Edge Pump
My favorite pump product

The best pump product I have ever taken
Pumps are unreal and endurance is Awesome
Vein Nectar Tastes Amazing and mixes good. well worth the money. Can’t wait to try other products by Psycho Pharma!!!!

by John C on Edge Pump
Best Pump on the Planet

This supplement is the best I have ever taken and worked non stop in the gym. I have tried a ton of stim free preworkouts in my lifetime and I’m currently 22 years old and started lifting at the age of 14. The Psycho Pharma brand and there products are top notch and on point. I take Edge Pump right when I get to the gym do 30 minutes of cardio and after I complete that I can start to feel the pump come on then I begin to smash the weights. I've never felt a pump this good in my life, I mean this stuff is amazing so if you want the Best, Buy Edge Pump!!!

Good, simple

Gets the job done its very simple, if i could change one thing about this cup is that its to dark to see where the water is at. Not sure if i put 8 oz or 10 oz haha but again its a good cup. Gets the job done.

by Andres Salas on Psycho Pharma
Great Customer Service

I placed an order yesterday and was concerned with the price of shipping. I called due to my concern but the office was closed so i left a message. The following day Darren returned my missed call and addressed my concern and what had happened. Long story short he helped me resolve the issue and compensated my account. To me if the customer service part of the company is for their customer's and ensure that they want the customer to be happy, im sure the product is just as great. Although, i have not tried Edge of Insanity yet reading the reviews im sure it is legit and works!

by Chad on Psycho Pharma

I bought this to try Edge and I was pleasantly surprised by how great all of the other products were. Asylum tasted amazing, infinite brain got me in the zone, Kanna rush gave me energy but I also felt chill, Edge pump gave me nutty pumps, and the King of them all: Edge of Insanity, was awesome. I was stimmed out and euphoric in the gym. Overall this pack is a home run.

by Andre on Psycho 30 Day Pack
The Essentials

This is great, the Bcaas keep me hydrated all day and ready to perform at the gym, and the Edge kicks it into high gear so I can kill it when I get there.

Go to Pre Workout

This is my go to before the gym. 1 scoop Edge, 2 scoops Edge pump. That combo has me flying and the pumps are out of this world. This stuff changed the game for my workouts.

Hydration Nation

Best mixing BCAAs I've used. Some BCAA products don't mix well and float at the top of the shaker, not these. They mix well and taste great! I got both flavors and they were the best I've ever tasted. Throw In a cup and a shirt and you've got yourself a winning combo.

by Joe R on Psycho Share Pack
Great Idea

Me and My bro are both big fans of Psycho Pharma so this stack made perfect sense. We both chipped in and split the loot. So we saved some cash. The Bcaas taste great and Hydrate, Edge takes me to the moon, and the shirts are crazy high quality.

Tolerance reset

This was great for resetting my tolerance to stimulants. I took 30 days off stims so they could fully hit me again and this was a perfect substitute in the meantime. Asylum kept me hydrated and ready to grind, and Edge pump gave me the performance I need in the gym

by Johnny on Smart Pumps
Just right

This is great for me because I like Energy products but I'm not a high stim kinda guy. Infinite brain wakes me up and gives me that next level focus at work, and Edge pump gives me that extra boost in the gym without keeping me up all night.

Stimulant Overload

Coming from a stim junkie, this is the best preworkout I’ve ever used! Super intense yet clean feeling Energy with no stomach problems. The flavor and mixability was great too! this made the choice obvious when I discovered this stack which not only has 2 units of Edge at a discounted price but 2 free shakers as well.

by Walter on Kanna-Z
My Favorite fat Burner

This stuff is perfect, it gives me energy but doesn't get me cracked out. And it has that Kanna to balance it out and make me feel euphoric.

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