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by Da Le on Edge of Insanity

This is by far the best pre-work supplement I have taken EVER. I took only 1/2 a serving and my workout lasted over 2 hours and I can still feel it afterward. I definitely love the Edge of Insanity. Great flavor compared to your normal fruit punch. Highly recommended, you need to try to believe it.

by Steven Squatter on Edge of Insanity
Holy Moley

This turned me into a monster

by Armando on Far Beyond Driven
Far Beyond Driven works!

If you have a high tolerance it doesn’t matter Far Beyond will not let you down. By far the best products that I have taken so far!

by Richard L on Far Beyond Driven
The name is a perfect description

This stuff really does make you feel far beyond driven. I feel unstoppable when I take this. I feel like a true animal in the gym and it helps me decimate my PRS. I feel stimmed out and euphoric when I take it. 10/10 would recommend.

by Scott G on Infinite Brain
Feels like adderal

This stuff is wild. Best nootropic I've ever taken by far. I use this stuff when I need to study for school and it gets me in the zone. I can focus for hours on end and I can feel the increased cognition.

by James M on Asylum Anytime BCAA
Best Tasting BCAA i've ever had

This stuff is great, started using it before and during my workouts and I've definitely noticed the difference in performance. This stuff hydrates me better than any sports drink I've ever tried. And to top it all off it tastes amazing, the Apple Watermelon flavor is killer! You guys knocked it out of the park with this one!

by Nick F on Edge Pump
Fullest pumps of my life

I was a big fan of Edge so when they launched Edge pump I knew I had to try it. And I will say It surpassed my expectations. Edge pump is the most powerful pump only pre workout I've ever used. It's great for when I workout later in the day and I dont want to take stims so I can sleep.

by George R on Edge of Insanity
Best Pre workout around

I've been taking pre workouts since the DMAA era and I can confidently say that currently no other pre workout compares to Edge of Insanity. It's High stim in the good way, the kind that gives you a high in the gym and doesn't leave you feeling like a jittery mess. And un like most other high stim pre workouts i've tried they don't skimp on the pump ingredients. If you are in the market for a high stim pre workout I highly recommend you try edge for yourself.

by Lynn on Edge of Insanity
Love this product

This would definitely be a 5 star review had it not been for the terrible/horrible flavor (spiked punch). I have been using edge of insanity for a few years now and one is the awesome thing about it is that it works so well and I don’t even use 1/3rd of the scoop for even after 2-3 years. They didn’t have the flavor I normally get which is watermelon something popsicle so decided to get this punch flavor since you can’t really go wrong with punch flavor but this spiked punch is all wrong and it was definitely a waste and wish I can return it for a diff flavor. Should’ve known better but can’t live without my edge of insanity so here I am...😩😂

by Candace on Psycho Pharma
Awesome rush!

Edge of insanity is the strongest pre-work out I've come across. Its definitely the best bang for you buck sine you only need half a coop.

by Edward on Psycho Pharma
Hands down the best

Not only do they have great products but the customer service is on point. Amazing people and products

by JB on Psycho Pharma
Whoa !

I just got my feel the burn stack and decided to pop a far beyond driven cap...about 20 minutes in i started feeling some chills and tingles on my arms and my 45 minutes or so i was feeling this like framed focus in my eyes and forehead and then i`d say about 90 min after i took this thing Whoa !! like "holy F*** " on another level of like super power energy and feeling really good and happy at the same time...I love this product but the only down side was that it made me sweat a bit too much. i can`t wait to try the edge powder next
keep up the good work on these products guys your shit is for real !!!

by MF Beck on Edge of Insanity
3 years strong

I've been using Edge of Insanity for about 3 years now and couldnt be more satisfied. I have tried many pre-workout brand and blends for years, and nothing, I mean nothing has even come close. The foucs, the energy, and the rush! Edge of Insanity has everything i was looking for. I have recommended this product to many of my clients, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a killer product, for a killer training session. Well done Psycho Pharma, well done!

by Josh on Psycho Pharma
My Experience With Edge of Insanity

I have tried many pre workouts in the last 6 months of me training just trying to find a reasonable product for a good price and with that solid boost to help hit personal bests. So far i have been using edge of insanity and found my deadlifts, squats and other compound workouts just improving session after session. Previously i had hit a wall where i didnt seem to be improving at all but after i started using Edge of insanity i had noticeably more energy in session. I have went feeling worn out after a 1 hour session to doing 1 hour 30 with no problems. My over all experience has been amazing and gladly would buy again. The blend used is a winner. I have been using the watermelon flavour and cant fault it. The effects for me have gave me a huge confidence boost and allowed me to push extra and gave me a feeling that i can do it and i can take on the world. I feel even more focused just being able to zone in and just power through. I have never had a crash where i just feel drained after using it either. Over all just a brilliant time using and i will 100% be buying again.

Flavour: 10/10 The watermelon is phenomenal!
Focus: 10/10
Energy/stamina: 10/10
Pump: 9/10

by Chris on Psycho Pharma
I had a great workout!

Ok this product is not for newbies. But I must say if you want max energy and a great workout then you have to BUY THIS!! Been a user for 3 months now and I've had nothing but great results!!!

by Greg Cole on Edge of Insanity
Fantastic product!

I’m in my late 57 and have been looking for a preworkout that will get me through those 4 am workouts….I have found it! Edge of Insanity got me up and going from the first set to the last—- fantastic product! I’m in agreement with Jamal , reminded my of the original Jack 3D before the changed the ingredients.

by Jamal Nada on Edge of Insanity
Try this stuff

I love Edge Of Insanity, I’ve only had a few products the past 10 years that have given me the super stimulant focus like dmaa and crazy pumps !

I felt a nice body high after my 90min workout the other day that reminded me of OG Jacked 3D, and Craze…even angel dust black stone labs.

Try this stuff it’s no joke strong and feels like

whew !!!!! Fantastic 5 starts out of 5

by Franz on Edge of Insanity

Great product!! Been using Edge of Insanity for a few weeks now and I can say I love it.

Great product!

Gives me that very much needed boost of energy. Thanks for the fast delivery!