Psycho Pharma Pre-workout Supplements


Psycho Pharma Pre-workout Supplements

Edge of insanity is a pre-workout powder that`s been scientifically designed and personally beta tested on the most Experienced and hard to please supplement junkies.

To put Users as close to the edge with a Force-Focus shirt exploding muscle pumps that are more intense than any pre-workout powder you have ever #*%ING tried! All without going over the edge!

Powerful combination of a Nutroopic ignited by Yohimbe HCL, alpha Yohimbe, green tea extract (Theophylline Theobromine L-Theanine) and caffeine.


Psycho Pharma Pre-workout Supplements

High-Quality Ingredients

All Psycho Pharma Products use only the highest quality ingredients from one of the largest most reputable contract manufacturers in the USA.

Psycho Pharma Pre-workout Supplements

Meets FDA Standards

All Psycho Pharma products are manufactured in FDA registered facilities to be assured of the highest manufacturing standards the supplement industry requires.

Psycho Pharma Pre-workout Supplements

Scientifically Proven

All ingredients go through a strict analysis with assays and COAs records kept for each ingredient and of all finished Psycho Pharma products.

Psycho Pharma Pre-workout Supplements

Meets cGMP Standards

Safety and consumer confidence are paramount. All products manufactured according to strict standards.

Psycho Pharma Pre-workout Supplements

Intense Results

Psycho is a fearless spirit and an open mind and passion for the adventure to aspire to be great everyday and not afraid of a temporary set back (we don’t use the F word). Enjoy the process and you’ll love the results!

Psycho Pharma Pre-workout Supplements

Dedicated Team

Since 1998.

With years of experience combined, our manufacturers-formulators and team of industry and daily supplement users continuously search for new heights and better results to deliver to the Psycho Pharma consumer,our curious dedicated customers continue to aspire to break new ground and so do we!