THE Psycho PHarma Story

Hi, my name is Darren Housholder and I am the founding owner of Psycho Pharma. I wanted to share some of my 21-year history in the supplement industry and give you an inside look into the inception of the brand, Psycho Pharma!

In March of 1998, I started Brand New Energy: a wholesale distribution company, which started with ephedra products like NVE pharmaceuticals, Stacker 2…At the time, I was cold calling convenience stores, GNC’s and health food retailers, and eventually, in 2002, started selling to internet sites.

The business quickly grew from a resale distributor of diet, ephedra, and energy supplements, to my own products. I realized early on that I would have to have my own exclusive products if I were going to stay in business.

In 2005, I created a product called Yellow Bullet under the brand Hard Rock Supp co, which wasn’t that far from my first passion and career 10 years prior to the supplement industry: As a shredding hard rock guitar player, with a bachelor’s degree in music, who popped Ripped Fuel to play guitar all day, the Hard Rock Supp company apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I have always been obsessed with fitness and having a shredded physique…there’s some of my album covers out there online you may find a bit entertaining.

In 2009, I started Extreme Products Group and started working with some of the best formulators and product designers in the business. I learned how to formulate products using raw materials costs, so I could see milligram dosages versus the price for an ingredient. Through cost and effect figures and lots of beta-testing, I was able to figure out how to make the most effective formulas at the most affordable end cost to the consumer.

It’s funny, I’ve been in the industry since 1998 and where some people may have a wine cellar, I have ephedra, dmaa, and amp citrate in my basement. I have these old relics for my own experiments and comparisons. I have my own scientific processes…it’s like I’m in my own Psycho Pharma laboratory, where I line up several single ingredient bottles, so I can try 25 or 50 mg of this, 10- 20 or 30 mg of that, and be my own guinea pig. I really like to understand what makes ingredients and combinations have a certain effect…you could say, it’s my obsession these days.

In 2016, I started Psycho Pharma as a brand to serve and appeal to the young and aggressive, hard-working, gym rats, and people that are real stim junkies like I am. Ultimately a supplement brand for those that just want to-get the best bang for their buck. Therefore, I’ve gone through the experimentation process ad nauseum. Using ingredients like Phenibut and now KANNA in conjunction with expensive, high-grade stimulants, we achieved the incredible levels of those old relics that I have stored away in my bunker.

Today, Psycho Pharma is a fast-growing company that innovates aggressive formulas to be better than most of the run of the mill products many other brands produce. If you compare our Edge of Insanity, Edge Pump or other formulas…there’s a psycho amount of experimentation and desire to make better products than what’s available out there…all while staying compliant with FDA regulations.

All Psycho Pharma products are produced in an FDA registered manufacturing facility that follows cGMP standards, with assays on each ingredient and COA’s/batch records kept for every run.

At Psycho Pharma, all lot numbers can be traced from the beginning of manufacturing to the end-user. The company is registered with the state of California’s Department of Public Health Food and Drug branch.

Here at Psycho Pharma, we welcome those who are tired of watered down, overpriced, corporate supplements and energy drinks. We declare anarchy on the limitations some agencies try to place on our abilities to keep pushing to innovate new products. We strive to give our customers the very best ingredients and products there is to offer.

We don’t want to be told what we can or cannot do in life OR in the gym. We don’t stand for those who limit the availability of supplements we want to take…I think I may be preaching to the choir, so: come across to our side…to the anarchy of the psycho Pharma Army. Our team welcomes ALL of you to join us!