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Edge of Insanity

A game changer, high-stim pre-workout that will drive you to reach new PRs with unmatched power, pumps and mouth-watering flavors. Top shelf stimulants, nootropics, pumps, combine in a gold-standard pre-workout.

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Far Beyond Driven

Far Beyond Driven gets you motivated like never before with potent stimulants, fat burning, and mood enhancing ingredients. A confident, Zen-like energy that has all senses pushing the body forward to smash your to-do list and goals.

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A man-sized T-Booster, Estrogen Reducer and Fat Burner with 75mg of the strongest PCT ingredient “Androst.” Boost performance, restore youthful vigor and drive, loose weight easier, more thunder "down under."

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Infinite Brain

Next level mental focus and refreshing powders that transports the users into an “elevated cognitive zone.” Contains 600mg Alpha GPC and other clinical dosages of the most effective nootropic ingredients.

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Edge Pump

No stims. Take alone for the perfect night-time pre-workout with an all-star blend of the best Nitric Oxide boosting pump ingredients. Mix with Edge Of Insanity for insane energy + pumps or with Infinite Brain for a moderate-stim, high-focus workout session.

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Asylum Anytime BCAA

7 grams 2:1:1 BCAAs + hydration mix in 2 delicious flavors make drinking your essentials easy and refreshing. Burn BCAAs, not muscle for energy. Great before, during, and after your workout.

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Relax, un-stress, wind-down without alcohol or losing mental clarity. Based on a South African botanical that's recognized as safe and has 1,000s of years of history of helping humans chill.

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Psycho Pharma Gift Card

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Burn and Chill Stack

Far Beyond Driven for hyper-motivation, mood lift, intense energy and thermogenesis. Add a Pharma-Z for enhanced mood effects or alone for winding down.

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Sample Packs

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Pumps & Insanity Stack

The ultimate workout combo. High-stim Edge Of Insanity with launch you into orbit and Edge Pump will multiply the nitric oxide and pumps.

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High Energy Stack

Stims for every occasion; take Edge of Insanity for workouts, Far Beyond Driven for whenever else you need intense energy, motivation and mood-enhancement.

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Psycho Pharma Stringer Tank Top

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Psycho Pharma T-Shirt

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Powders 4 Purposes Stack

Be your own "Psycho Pharmacist." Stack our 4 perfomance-boosting powders and use however you need to get the most out of work, play, training and life.

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