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  • Beyond Effective!

    Psycho Pharma products are hardcore, highly effective and guaranteed to give you a stronger edge than those expensive, unhealthy energy drinks.

  • Manufactured in the USA

    Psycho Pharma was born and raised in Burbank, CA. All products are manufactured in the USA and all operations and customer service are based in California.

  • Money Back Guarantee!

    100% money back if you don't like our products. Period. We said it, and we mean it. Valid 30 days after delivery.

  • Full transparency!

    We display all our ingredients in all their glory on our lables. We might be psychos, but we're honest.

  • Value for Money!

    With high effectiveness comes great value for money. Psycho Pharma is stronger than your average supplements, so they're guaranteed to give you a bang for your buck!

  • Industry Standards & Certifications

    Psycho Pharma uses FDA registered, GMP certified, and UL certified manufacturing facilities.