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  • Affiliates receives refferal codes and links with a 30 day cookie duration

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  • Earn a 22% cash commission on sales

  • Get a special 40% commission on sales to new customers during the early access program

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  • Commission excludes taxes, shipping, and is only for full-sized supplements

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 Host Product Demos

Qualified affiliates have the opportunity to showcase Psycho Pharma products at local supplement stores and gyms and get compensated for their efforts.

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Refer a wholesale location and earn a 5% commission on sales at that location for 12 months, up to $500.

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Requirements to Sign Up

  • You must have at least 1k followers on a public active Instagram account

  • You must have purchased at least 1 Psycho Pharma Product

Initial Requirements Once an Affiliate

  • Add your affiliate link and code to your social media bios.

  • Make an Instagram post about joining the Psycho Pharma affiliate program.

  • Follow Psycho Pharma on Instagram and Facebook.

  • Join the Affiliate Facebook group

Ongoing Requirements Once an Affiliate

  • Repost our contests and promotions

  • Provide requested feedback on new flavors and products.

  • Adhere to our code of conduct

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