Sweat Your A$s Off - Literally!

Dear Reader,
I want to announce a new addition to the Psycho Pharma family of products:

The "Psycho Sauna" - Waist Trimming Band



Simply wear the Psycho Sauna around your core to greatly increase shredding in the love-handle area, you’ll see the proof in the drenched sweat as you remove the hook + loop closure at the end of your workout!
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So many say:

"I want to burn fat on my midsection, but it's hard to target that stubborn belly fat"

So many experts and health magazines tell you to eat better and work out. But so many FORGET to tell you about the excellent fat-burning properties of a good sweat.

Sweating is a natural way for your body to lose weight.

But there are specific areas of the body where you can't easily increase sweating. If you're trying to get rid of stubborn belly fat, then you've probably felt this struggle and know what I am talking about.

Well, until you try THIS:

The sweat-inducing "Psycho Sauna" Premium Waist Trimmer is made from a high-quality neoprene material that fits tightly and helps boost perspiration in the core area where most people have trouble losing weight and burning fat.

It's very comfortable and easy to use.

Just follow 4 easy steps:

Step 1:
Just wrap the waist trimmer around your midsection

Step 2:
Secure it with velcro straps

Step 3:
Put on some music or even listen to an audiobook while doing some light cardio exercise like walking, jogging (or even vigorous household chores) 

Step 4:
Wear it into the shower so you can rinse it off and hang it out to dry.

See what I mean?


And you will sweat you a*s off.

(I promise)

Or more accurately: sweat your belly fat off


Since this a new addition to our product line: the reviews section looks kinda sad. 😢

That's part of what this email is about.

It's a quality-made item, and the retail price is competitive.

But I want people to understand just how well the Psycho Sauna works to get this product some love on our store in the form of some UNBIASED, high-quality reviews.

And who better to ask for help...

Than you. 

You shop with us. You open my emails. 

I want to give you first dibs on this at a very special price.

So hear me out. 

See, to get the best results (a slimmer waistline) without drastically changing your exercise routine...

All you need to do is:

1) sweat more
2) In the abdomen
3) Stay well hydrated

So I have created a special "Psycho" offer designed to help you hit all 3 goals.

So I have two options and two ways you can save BIG.


Grab just the Sweat Inducing, Fat-Blasting "Psycho Sauna" Waist Trimmer for 35% OFF

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OPTION 2: (best option)

Grab the Fat-Blaster Bundle for 40% OFF

The Fat Blaster Bundle is the ultimate tri-fecta for losing weight (especially belly fat). It includes Psycho Pharma's:

  • Premium "Psycho Sauna" Waist Trimmer to induce tons of sweat around the belly
  • Our 1 Gallon Water Jug with convenient hydro-routine printed right on the clear bottle to keep you ultra-hydrated (water is very important for weight loss and health outcomes)
  • Our extremely popular metabolism-boosting and thermogenic (fat burning) energy capsules, Far Beyond Driven

 All of this for $74.85 $44.91

INSTRUCTIONS: (just add all 3 products to cart and discount applies automatically. Don't use other discount codes.)

I have never, ever offered Far Beyond Driven - or any of my products - for such insane money-losing prices.

So why am I doing this now?

Because I am launching this new, awesome, in some cases life-changing, product and when people come to shop, they like to read reviews and see if it's legit!

I want to ensure you get the best results possible!

(Hopefully, by now YOU know the quality I put into my supplements, shaker cups, shirts - everything we offer.)

So I want you to be the one to write me an honest review that lets people know about your experience with it.

(Of course, I hope it's really good... but it needs to be honest) 

So I have to make this one thing clear: 

This special offer is available only to those who agree to participate by leaving us a review on our website, with a photo (or video). 

Please try it out alone or try the Fat Blaster Bundle for at least 2 weeks (though 4 would be best to see the biggest difference) and then come back and leave your opinion about the whole experience so others can make an informed decision. 

(If you're camera-shy, maybe just send a pic from shoulders down. That's cool. Even just a candid shot of only the products is fine. But we'd love to see your face!)

The best option - I promise - is to get the bundle, and follow this routine:

1) Drink 1 gallon of water per day

2) Take a single capsule of Far Beyond Driven twice daily - 1 in the morning when you wake up (or before a workout or your most active period) and 1 in the early afternoon 6 hours before bed time.

3) Wear the Waist Trimmer Band as much as possible, especially during your most active part of the day (It's great for an instant slimming effect just by wearing it so sometimes you can get away with just wearing it under your clothes)

IMPORTANT: If this is your first time trying Far Beyond Driven, ALWAYS start with 1 capsule and take with some food. The bottle says a full serving is 2 capsules. Most people rarely take 2 capsules as it contains very strong stimulants. If you're sensitive to stimulants, including caffeine, avoid Far Beyond Driven.

That's it. 

Do that for 4 weeks (or at least 2) and let us and the world know what your results were.

If you're up for that, please use either the 35% off code (find it below) for the single Waist Trimming Band or the 40% off code for the bundle, your choice.

If you're not in a position to help by providing a review, you are still welcome to use code THANKS15 on anything in the store because I appreciate you reading this all the way to the end.


Darren Housholder
Psycho Pharma



Grab the Fat-Blaster Bundle for 40% OFF

The ultimate tri-fecta for losing stubborn weight (especially belly fat):


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