'Psycho Sauna' Premium Waist Trimmer

'Psycho Sauna' Premium Waist Trimmer - Psycho Pharma

'Psycho Sauna' Premium Waist Trimmer

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Looking for an easy way to enhance your efforts drop extra inches and pounds without spending extra hours exercising?

The "Psycho Sauna" Waist Trimmer is the perfect solution. It’s designed to help you sweat more during workouts, walking, running, or yoga sessions, which can lead to additional weight loss and improved fitness levels.

This product also provides instant abdominal compression and lumbar support while exercising. Its quality construction is built to last for years. The lightweight, stretchy fabric stays in place so you can focus on your workout without constantly worrying about adjusting or readjusting the trimmer.

The "Psycho Sauna" is so effective, you'll only wish you knew about it years ago.

You deserve an easy way to get and stay in shape with minimal effort! With this waist trimmer, you don't have to worry about sweating enough or doing any extra work at all! Just slip it on before a workout and feel the difference as soon as you start working out!

Get yours today!

Boost your energy and mood, activate your metabolism, sweat more, and achieve weight-loss goals faster by taking Far Beyond Driven thermogenic energy capsules along with using the Waist Trimmer.

For weight-lifting or more intense training, get added benefits by using Edge of Insanity pre-workout instead.


Step 1: Just wrap the waist trimmer around your midsection

Step 2: Secure it with velcro straps

Step 3: Put on some music or even listen to an audiobook while doing some light cardio exercise like walking, jogging (or even vigorous household chores) and I guarantee...

Step 4: Wear it into the shower so you can rinse it off and hang it out to dry.



Far Beyond Driven

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'Psycho-Size' 1 Gallon Water Jug

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I have been using this for years. Now though as a front line RN this gives me everything I need to power through 18-19 hour days. Keeps me focused and on top of my game in even the worse circumstances I encounter. Customer service is fantastic and Darren and the psycho pharma team run a top notch business. Couldn't imagine a work day with it.


Andrew L.

I’ve tried many different kinds of pre-workouts and I will say without a doubt Edge of Insanity is the best tasting and most effective product on the market. The focus you have during your workouts is unmatched and the energy obtained is top notch. The customer service I have received in dealing with Psycho Pharma is on a different level...emails from Darren the CEO!!! Keep up the great work 💪🏽🙌🏽👌🏽!!!



If this products works anything like the customer service these guys provide, it will be incredible. I’ve had emails responded to on Friday nights, throughout the weekend, every single time. You don’t get that much these days.



I've been using c4 for years now because I can get it cheap at Walmart. I saw @psychopharma on Instagram and said what the hell, I will give it a shot. The package arrived and when I opened it the box was full of "extras". I buy a lot of stuff online and always expect a sticker or something and to get all that extra shit from psycho was awesome. Then I used the preworkout and again....awesome. No jitters just pure focus. Thank you Darren so much for the product and ultimate customer service.



Was taking a variety of pre workouts because I tend to build a tolerance to them quickly. Saw this on Facebook and reached out and messaged them, and pleasantly was met with the very best customer service I’ve ever had with any company supplement or not. The product is amazing. The pumps were amazing and hours later still felt like my triceps would explode. This is truly a great product and am telling everyone I know to start using this. No jittery feeling at all just straight focus and pump. Can’t wait to get back in the gym every day with this.



I used to slam 3-5 cups of coffee in a day. The days I would try to cut back, I would get wicked headaches from caffeine withdrawal. Now I SKIP the coffee and make a large, 40oz tumbler w/ Infinite Brain lemon punch, ice and the juice of a whole lemon and sip it until about 2pm. I am not kidding, I have head injuries from playing football and from my military service and IB not only keeps me focused, it keeps me hydrated because I am putting it in so much water; and it's delicious, too! My son is in high school and makes his concoction in orange juice to help him focus with online learning.


Jay M.
  • Beyond Effective!

    Psycho Pharma products are hardcore, highly effective and guaranteed to give you a stronger edge than those expensive, unhealthy energy drinks.

  • Manufactured in the USA

    Psycho Pharma was born and raised in Burbank, CA. All products are manufactured in the USA and all operations and customer service are based in California.

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    100% money back if you don't like our products. Period. We said it, and we mean it. Valid 30 days after delivery.

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    We display all our ingredients in all their glory on our lables. We might be psychos, but we're honest.

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    With high effectiveness comes great value for money. Psycho Pharma is stronger than your average supplements, so they're guaranteed to give you a bang for your buck!

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    Psycho Pharma uses FDA registered, GMP certified, and UL certified manufacturing facilities.